Buchführung für internationale und schweizerische Unternehmen

Finance and accounting

AUCTOR SCHWYZ AG offers accounting for international and Swiss companies and institutions:

Payroll accounting

Setting up and maintenance of financial accounting
VAT, AHV (Swiss Old Age Insurance) and payroll
Preparation of interim and annual financial statements
Advice on all accounting matters
Financial and liquidity planning
Coordination of financial and cost accounting
Development of coordinated budgets for all business divisions
Creation of cost and revenue budgets
Creation of projected balance sheets and projected income statements
Performing budgetary controls

Management accounting

Setting up and maintaining the management accounting
Preparation of operating statements
Review and assessment of bookkeeping, costing and accounting methods
Advice on production-oriented cost control and product costing
Organization of pre-and post-calculation
Organization of material and inventory management
Design and preparation of a Management Information System (MIS)